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(no subject)
default; meet the scout
scout wrote in neongraphics
Goodness it's been a while since I've updated this.

Anyway, here's a small batch.

Final Fantasy XIII - 18
Sailor Moon (SuperS villains) - 6

NOTE; I believe all the FFXIII icons are spoiler free, however, still proceed at your own risk. They're simple icons of the characters, but I guess some may not want to know what the characters look like yet. IDK.

Anyway~ Comments are great, credit is cool but not necessary, and hotlinking sucks, etc etc.


TEASER! Icon 002 TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 018

Icons Here!Collapse )

Oh, and all resources are on neongraphics' userinfo, aside from the images used; I have all the FFXIII ones saved if anyone's interested in any.