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(no subject)
default; meet the scout
scout wrote in neongraphics
I am now a rabid fan of Hetalia. :D ~AND~ I figured out how to make animated icons from Youtube videos! So here's an energetic batch of mostly animated Hetalia icons.


more dancin' ahead! (+23)Collapse )
Now, normally I couldn't give a crap about credit, however, getting the frames for each of the animated icons, resizing said frames, and making the animations under 40k was kind of a bitch to do. So, I would love credit for those icons. :D (Crediting scout is fine, since it's a shorter username than neongraphics.)

ALSO. If you have a specific Hetalia related Youtube video you'd like me to make icons from, comment with the url and what part you'd like iconed, and I'll get to it when I can!

And as always, the textures used in the static icons are credited in neongraphics' userinfo.